‚ÄčSmall Business

My services include:

Helping you take the necessary measures to protect your interest in the creation, sale or purchase or transfer of a business or its assets, including:

  • Advising businesses on entity formation (as a Partnership, Corporation or Limited Liability Company) and assisting with adhering to the formalities required for the entity chosen;
  • Assisting with transactional matters, including the negotiation, review and preparation of business contracts and agreements between or among both individuals and business entities, with an eye to minimizing risks and avoiding costly contract disputes and delays;
  • Representing businesses and individuals as plaintiffs or defendants in business or contract disputes, including disputes between and among principals (see Litigation Services);
  • Assisting with the purchase or sale of business, (whether structured as a sale of stock or assets) and addressing issues involved with assignment of interests and covenants not to compete.

Use of my services and advice at the front end of all your business transactions may enhance the prospects of avoiding costly lawsuits. Well drafted agreements reduce the prospects of litigation and uncertainty regarding the rights and obligations of the parties. Should litigation arise, your ongoing relationship with the Law Offices of Dan Price reduces learning curve time and allows your prosecution or defense of the litigation to hit the ground running.