Dispute Resolution

I have developed a breadth of experience representing Clients in early settlement, pre-trial, trial and alternative dispute resolution processes (local, national and international arbitration and mediation) for some 35 years. I’m pleased with my record of success in resolving all manner of disputes, especially those that are resolved in their infancy.

Litigation is no fun – it is expensive, consumes enormous time and can be very distractive. For these reasons my practice includes counseling and advise regarding alternatives to becoming a party to adversary proceedings. In many cases emerging problems can be effectively identified and managed or avoided before they become expensive and protracted litigation.

Success is measured differently for each Client, each of whom brings a unique blend of considerations that must be understood before a strategy suitable to that Client can be developed. A Client’s risk tolerances, finances, and opportunity costs are only a few of the relevant considerations to an effective dispute resolution strategy. Armed with this information and all other relevant facts, I will explain the risks, benefits and costs of the alternatives. I don’t sugar coat or drive any strategy with false assurances. You can expect straight answers to your questions and an unvarnished opinion on the merits, virtues and difficulties of your case.

I also believe that both success as an advocate and cost management are facilitated by maintaining professional relationships with courts, agencies, arbitrators as well as opposing counsel and try to develop a mutual problem-solving environment for all involved during the course of dispute resolution.