Excellence in Service and Results

The Law Offices of Dan Price are located in Palo Alto, California. Our specialties include employment law, dispute resolution, small business law, real property and intellectual property counseling.

Employment and Independent Contractors

Employment law is a broad and increasingly complex and interesting area of practice impacting every aspect of the employer and employee relationship and the relationships between employers and third parties. I have developed a rich experience in employment law and its application which not only requires an understanding of its historical development but also diligence in staying abreast of the ever expanding statutes, administrative regulations and court decisional law. I counsel and advise employees and employers throughout California on minimizing conflict and avoiding…

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Dispute Resolution

I have developed a breadth of experience representing Clients in early settlement processes, pre-trial, trial and alternative dispute resolution processes (local, national and international arbitration and mediation) for some 35 years. I’m pleased with my record of success in resolving all manner of disputes, especially those that are resolved in their infancy.

Litigation is no fun – it is expensive, consumes enormous time and can be very distractive. For these reasons my practice includes counseling and advising Clients on the best ways to avoid becoming a party to adversary proceedings. In many cases emerging problems can be effectively anticipated and managed or avoided before they become expensive and protracted litigation.

Success is measured differently for each Client. I understand that each Client brings a unique blend of considerations that must understand before a strategy suitable to that Client can be developed.    Read more…

Real Estate

My services include:

  • Counseling individuals and businesses regarding residential or commercial leases and residential real estate transactions, from the negotiation of terms to the closing;
  • Representing clients in dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) relating in various real estate related issues that arise;
  • Counseling real estate agents/brokers regarding rights and obligations of parties and brokers to real estate transactions; and
  • Negotiating, reviewing and execution and enforcement of various real estate documentation including sales, leases, assignments and other transfer-related documentation.

Small Business

Use of my services and advice at the front end of all your business transactions may enhance the prospects of avoiding costly lawsuits.

Well drafted agreements reduce the prospects of litigation and uncertainty regarding the rights and obligations of the parties. Should litigation arise, your ongoing relationship with the Law Offices of Dan Price reduces learning curve time and allows your prosecution or defense of the litigation to hit the ground running.   Read more…

Intellectual Property

My services include:

  • Advising owners regarding the creation and protection of their trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information, including developing and enforcing restrictive covenants (agreements to refrain from competition, disclosure or use of trade secrets or solicitation of clients/customers);
  • Advising those who are in receipt of or have access to trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information of another regarding rights and obligations in use or disclosure of such information
  • Negotiation, review, and preparation of license agreements and other agreements transferring rights or interests in trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information, including copyright.